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Whether buying or selling your Timeshare Resales, Holiday Points or Vacation Club Membership we can help you to sell timeshare, buy & save time and money in a stress free environment.

Welcome to the Timeshare Consultancy website where astute timeshare owners & resale buyers meet to conduct the selling and buying of Timeshare resales vacation property in a safe, stress free environment without the normal high pressure & buying costs associated with some unscrupulous timeshare resale companies.

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Whether buying or selling your Timeshare Resales, Holiday Points or Vacation Club Membership we can help you to sell timeshares, buy & save time and money in a stress free environment.

Welcome to the Timeshare Consultancy website where astute timeshare owners & resale buyers meet to conduct the selling and buying of Timeshares vacation property in a safe, stress free environment without the normal high pressure & buying costs associated with some timeshare resale companies.

Timeshare Resale Buyers Benefits:

*You deal directly with the owner.

*You can save as much as 80% buying privately direct from the owner.

*Buy your ideal resort at your ideal price.

*No commissions ever.

*No brokers fees ever.

*No high pressure ever.

*Browse our extensive resales, including vacations, resorts, holiday clubs, points, exchanges and fractional ownerships.

*Browse Golf resorts, Ski vacations, Beach resorts, City resorts, Spa resorts.

*Send an enquiry, which is emailed direct to the private owner.

*No Hidden Fees.

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Timeshare Resale Sellers Services:

*Buyers will contact you directly.

*No commission or hidden fees ever.

*No brokers fees ever.

*No high pressure ever.

*Unlimited Description for your resale.

*Up to 5 photographs for your timeshare.

*Using our easy-to-use Owners Control Panel on the internet you can add, modify and delete your timeshare easily and quickly.

*Enquiries: Emailed direct to you and only you.

*We will upload your timeshare for you at no extra cost.

*You have full 100% control of your vacation property or points at all times.

*YOU arrange the transfer of funds payment.

*Our job is simply to use our marketing expertise to market your timeshare on the internet so that thousands of visitors view your advert.

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Timeshare Consultancy do not personally sell timeshares or buy timeshares, our website markets and advertise them online on behalf of the actual owners, who receive the direct enquiries.

Our timeshare resales are to genuine resale customers and not to timeshare brokers or resale companies

We put Timeshare Buyers in direct touch with Timeshare Sellers