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Africa Northern

Consists of Resorts in Morocco Central, The Gambia, and Tunisia.

Visit a Berber village in the breath-taking Atlas Mountains, or relax in a hammam, where you soak in a hot bath before having your body rubbed until it's smooth and soft and then receive a massage to relax your body and calm your soul then followed by a glass of fresh orange juice or cinnamon and ginger.

Your Moroccan holiday will not be complete until you have visited Marrakech.

Experience the magic and thrill of being in a country so rich in Islamic history with souks and traditional hammams, mosques and museums to visit.

This is an exotic destination that appeals to both Culture vultures and sun seekers.

Djemma El Fna is in the centre of the Medina, bustling with local character and history, especially in late evening when shopkeepers will welcome visitors and encourage you to involve in some good-natured haggling for pieces/ articles that you want to buy.

Its fun and you will get inexpensive souvenirs that you will appreciate for many years in the future.

The Koutoubia Mosque is local and has a Minaret that is an important local landmark.


There are a multitude of Countries that contain Timeshare Resorts within the confines of the Enigmatic, Mysterious Asian Continent.

Asia is one of the most beautiful cultural havens in the World and also has some of the best value for money shopping you could ever dream of.

The availability to rent or buy Timeshares within Asia is subject to demand pressures which vary greatly from Country to Country.

Countries which do have good, all year round availability are: Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nepal, India, China, Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Taiwan, they are all currently available for the renting and/or buying of luxury Timeshare.

Asia hosts approximately 484 timeshare resorts.

Japan has the largest number of timeshare resorts with 320, Malaysia has 41 and Indonesia plays host to 25.

In total Asia resorts incorporate 34,000 timeshare units.

Timeshare in Japan is very different to the way timeshare is used throughout Europe.

95% of Japanese resorts offer 26 nights accommodation, as opposed to Europe generally offering 7 night stays.

The price of timeshare in Asia remains low in comparison to the West.

Australia, New Zealand

Australia has an area of 2,941,299 Square Miles and a population of just 22,678,444 so there is plenty of space to explore with more than 20,000 Miles of untouched coastline.

Diversity dominates this wondrous, expansive Continent, there is plenty here for everybody to immerse themselves in and enjoy exploring.

From The Gold Coast, The Great Barrier Reef, The Sunshine Coast, Ideal havens for Scuba Diving enthusiasts to Rainforests and Deserts for Bushwalking adventures, to fabulous, modern Cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, New Zealand is famous for its hilly, rugged natural beauty, luscious green landscapes and unusual native Fauna and Flora. Extreme Sports and Adventure excursions are plentiful, including exploration of the stunningly beautiful Mountains and Valleys of this diverse country by off-road driving excursions whether it be by private Jeep, by chartered private boat, Helicopter, Aeroplane.

New Zealand is also famous Worldwide for its prestigious Wineries, enjoy.

Auckland the Capital located in the North Island.

Canada Eastern

The most Northerly point is Cape Breton, Nova Scotia from the picturesque fishing village of Belle Cote to Cape North.

Deep Sea Fishing trips and excursions are very popular.

Exploration of the naturally rugged Coastline is a "must do" experience of a lifetime, either by private car, guided excursion or Hiking or Walking the Cabot Trail.

Eastern Canada is also home to one of the most famous "Natural Wonders of The World" Niagara Falls which is located East of Toronto and also to the Capital City of Ottawa.

Ontario makes for a fantastic touring destination for charming architecture and Cultural Exploration.

The Laurentian Mountains of Québec must be visited.

Quebec has an historical, mainly French influence and has some of the most picturesque scenery within the Continent.

Canada Western, Rockies

Some of the better known areas of Western Canada are Vancouver, Victoria, Harrison Hot Springs, Sun Peaks, Jasper National Park, Banff National Park, Kananaskis and Calgary.

Highest Peaks in The Rockies are Mount Terry Fox and Mount Robson.

Enjoy the diversity of this stunningly picturesque and ruggedly beautiful area of Canada.

Everything from Cowboys and Cattle in Hot Springs to Glacier exploration and Skiing at the Parkway Ice Fields to Water sports and Deep Sea Fishing on the coast.

Caribbean, Atlantic Islands

Magnificent contrast of endless Pristine Beaches complimented by the inland Volcanic Peaks and towering, rugged mountains and Rainforests located in World famous top quality 5 Star Island locations such as Antigua, St Lucia, Barbados, Cuba, Grenada, Tobago, Trinidad, Jamaica, Saint-Martin, Dominica and Puerto Rico.

Architecture varies according to the particular Islands historical past from Colonial to heavily Spanish influence.

Fishing and water sports including some of the best Snorkelling and Scuba Diving sites on the Planet make this Tax and Duty Free area one of the best holiday areas Worldwide to enjoy.

Central America

Much to explore here such as Belize with its luscious jungle, pristine beaches, very laid back relaxing ambience, historical past including the lost Mayan Civilisation, Pirates and the Spanish invasion.

Perfectly located on the Caribbean Sea and bordered by Guatemala and Mexico.

An eclectic mix of African Caribbean and European Culture makes this an unforgettable and unique Holiday experience.

Guatemala: Famous for Tikal National Park and its "Lost City" believed to be over 2,500 years old.

Go discover also the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Volcan de Auga.

The most beautiful Lake in the World Atitlan surrounded by the atmospheric Mayan Villages and Volcanic Peaks is definitely a must see natural wonder.

Panama is known as "The Bridge of The World" because of its rich Maritime trading history.

This is a Country of extreme contrasts; High Rise modern buildings and Historical Colonial architecture are close neighbours adjacent to the Beautiful Beaches and Coral Reefs of The San Blas Archipelago whilst inland there are luscious Tropical forests with their hidden secrets.

A truly unique wonderful holiday location with its "Miami of The South" reputation.

Costa Rica (Rich Coast) The Corcovado National Parks including Manuel Antonio and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve protects the World Heritage Site of Osa Peninsula which is located on the Pacific coast and is home to one of the largest diversities and concentrations of Wildlife anywhere in the World.

On the coast there is Tamarindo, a famous Surfers paradise famous for its resident population of Leatherback Turtles.

The Coastal Fishing Town of Golfito is famous for its all year availability of Water sports and Deep Sea Fishing.

Costa Rica is leading the way in renewable energy and is aiming to be the first country to be Carbon Neutral.

There are 1452 timeshare resorts in 25 countries in Europe.

Europe is the most visited tourist destination in the world, with four European countries ranked among the world's top six destinations.

1.4 million families own timeshare in Europe: 32% are in the UK.

19% are in Germany and Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Scandinavia sharing the bulk of the rest.

The top five timeshare resort locations in Europe are Spain, Italy, Portugal, UK, France.

Spain, Italy, Portugal, UK and France together host 75.3 % of all timeshare resorts in Europe.

Spain itself possesses 35.3 % of all European timeshare resorts, with over one third of them situated in the Canary Islands (Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuertaventura).

Europe Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands

Consists of Resorts in Cape Verde Islands, Spain Canaries Fuerteventura, Spain Canaries Gran Canaria, Spain Canaries Lanzarote, Spain Canaries Tenerife.

Both the Autumn and Spring months enjoy prolonged hours of sunshine.

Average all year temperatures vary from 20c – 25c.

July and August at 28c.

Approximately 4.5 hrs Flight time from most of Mainland Europe.

The Canary Islands are known as the Sub-Tropical Islands.

Beaches of Both golden and dark volcanic sand beaches embrace the meandering coastline, offering a wide variety of amenities and water sports.

A welcoming and vibrant location to Holiday.

The Islands hospitality will fill you with joy.

Local Fiestas, World class restaurants, Modern Bars/Cafes, Luscious Rainforests and Tropical Gardens.

Europe Central, The Low Countries

Located centrally in the heart of Europe stretching from the North Sea and Baltic Sea in the North to the Adriatic Sea in the South, consisting of Slavic, Germanic and Latin influenced cultures, a veritable melting pot and rich heritage.

Central Europe is the location to explore some of the oldest and best preserved cities on the Continent of Europe such as Berlin, Geneva, Budapest, Vienna, Warsaw and Munich.

Consists of Resorts in Austria Alps, Austria Central, Austria Vienna and Salzburg, Czech Republic Central , Czech Republic Prague, Germany, Central Germany, Mountains Germany, Hungary, Slovakia Mountains, Switzerland Mountains, enough said.


Europe East Mediterranean, Adriatic

Consists of Resorts in Bulgaria Central, Croatia, Dalmatia, Cyprus, Greece Aegean Islands, Greece, Crete and Corfu, Greece Mainland, Greece Rhodes, Turkey South and West Coast.

The Adriatic Sea has over 1,300 Islands, the majority of which are located on the East coast.

The Adriatic Coast is home to some of the most fabulous treasures of the ancient world such as Dubrovnik, Athens, Ephesus, Split a veritable feast for the culture vulture.

Europe France, Italy, Malta

Consists of Resorts in France Alps, France Atlantic Coast, France Central Normandy and Brittany, France Disneyland Area, France Languedoc and Provence, France Paris, France Riviera, Italy Central, Italy Coast, Italy Florence, Italy Mountains, Italy Rome, Italy Sardinia, Italy Sicily, Italy Venice, Malta, Malta Islands and Gozo.

France is the fourth wealthiest nation in the world and is also the wealthiest nation in Europe which means that they enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the World.

It is no coincidence that this makes France the number one destination for tourists, number two is Spain.

Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Strasbourg top the most visited list.

UNESCO has 37 World Heritage sites of cultural importance located in France.

The French Riviera receives more than 10 Million tourists per year.

(300 days of Sunshine.

) Museums, Architecture, Art, Opera, Wine, Cuisine, Fashion and Chateaus are on the staple diet for any tourist.

Italy is the 5th most populous country in Europe.

Famous for Architecture, History, Literature and Theatre, Music, Cinema, Sport, Fine Wines and Food, Fashion and Design.

Places to visit include Rome, Venice, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo, Genoa, Bologna, Florence and Bari.

Italy is home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites (47).

Malta with its population of 452,515 and total area of 122 Square Miles (making it one of the Worlds smallest States.

)receives over 1.2 Million tourists each year, mostly British and this has caused the massive increase in top quality Hotels that are now available for the more discerning tourist.

Malta has nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is home to some of the oldest free-standing structures in the world.

Europe Portugal, Spain, Andorra

Consists of Resorts in Andorra, Portugal Algarve, Portugal Madeira, Portugal West Coast, Spain Balearic Islands, Spain Barcelona, Spain Costa Blanca, Spain Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, Spain Costa de La Luz, Spain Costa Del Sol, Spain Galicia, Spain Pyrenees.

Portugal Capital City is Lisbon, 7 Million tourists visit annually.

Portugal area is 35,603 Square Miles, Population 10,581,949.

The 20th most visited Country in the World receives approximately 13 Million visitors annually mainly from Germany, Great Britain and Spain.

Most visited tourist regions by numbers are: the Greater Lisbon, the Algarve, Greater Porto and Northern Portugal, the Portuguese Madeira and Azores and Alentejo.

Andorra Capital (and largest city) is Andorra la Vella.

Area 188.5 Square Miles, Population 84,082.

There are, on average, 300 days per year of sunshine.

Visited by 10.2 Million tourists each year.

The Banking sector has Tax Haven status which accounts for accounts for a major portion of the Countries income.

Andorra has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the World.

Spain Capital (and largest city) Madrid.

Spain population 47,190,493 Tourism in Spain is responsible for over 5% of GDP, totalling 40 Billion Euros per annum, the 2nd largest in the World.

Places to visit include Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Malaga, Murcia, Bilbao.

Europe Scandinavia

Consists of Resorts in Finland Central, Finland Espoo and Tampere, Finland Lapland, Finland Western Coast, Norway, Sweden.

Finland is located North of the Arctic Circle, for 73 days the sun does not set during the summer at the most northern point thus making the Midnight Sun another great attraction as do the amazing Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) which are best observed from the northern Lapland region.

Finland measures approx.

900 miles from North to South.

Flanked by Norway in the North, Sweden on the west, and Russia in the East and the combined border areas of these four countries combine to make the area known as 'Lapland.

Finnish Lapland is widely observed to be the home of "Father Christmas" (Santa Claus).

Finland has a population of 5.4 Million people, mostly living in the Southern Region, One Million in and around the Helsinki area (Capital).

There are approximately 179,000 Islands and 187,000 Lakes included within the stunning 35 National Parks.

Finland is a perfect holiday location for nature lovers.

Activities include Hiking, Bird Watching, Kayaking, Nordic Skiing, Fishing and Lake Cruising.

Sweden is the 3rd Largest Country in Western Europe, approximately 2 times larger than the United Kingdom.

50% of the land mass is Birch and Pine Forest surrounding over 100 Thousand beautiful Lakes.

Sweden measures 1600 Kilometers from North to South and is surrounded on the coastline by over 24,000 Islands.

Stockholm is recommended to visit.

Europe UK England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Consists of Resorts in England Central, England Devon and Cornwall, England Lake District, England Shires, Ireland, Scotland and Northumbria, Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland Mountains.

England: Capital London.

Area: 50,346 Square Miles.

Population: 63,013,000.

500 of the Worlds largest Corporations have their head offices in London.

Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, Cricket, Fish and Chips, The Beatles, Liverpool Football Club.

George and the Dragon, Guy Fawkes, Alf Ramsay, Maggie Thatcher.

Scotland Area: 30,414 Square Miles.

Population: 5,254,800.

Capital: Edinburgh.

Largest City: Glasgow.

Golf, Haggis, Fried Mars Bars, Whisky, Castles, Football.

Wales: Capital Cardiff.

Area: 8,022 Square Miles.

Population: 3,064,000


Mexico consists of Resorts in Acapulco, Cancun, Mexico Central, Ixtapa, Manzanillo, Mazatlan, Merida, North Baja, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Maya, Riviera Nayarit, San Carlos Bay, South Baja and finally Veracruz.

Spicey Traditional Mexican food.

Mexico is famous for its beaches.

Twenty Million tourists visit annually.

Stunning scenery and an historical, Rich culture with thousands of archaeological sites to explore.

Mexico area is over 2,000,000 km sq .

The Baja Peninsula is the most popular resort area with copious amounts of Discotheques and Bars.

Water sports also prevail here with Scuba Diving, Whale Watching and Sea Kayaking.

Sun worshippers flock to the Pacific coast, Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta.

Eco-minded tourists tend to gather on the Yucatan Peninsula and Caribbean coast with their proliferation of Mayan Archaeological sites, using Cancun as a central base for your visit.

Bajio is in Central Mexico and is known for its Silver Mines and typical Mexican villages sporting fabulous Spanish Colonial Architecture.

Mexico City should definitely be on your itinerary and has many Aztec Ruins and Museums for you to visit.

Middle East

Consists of Resorts in Dubai, Egypt Cairo, Egypt Northern Coast, Egypt Red Sea, Israel Central and Northern, Israel Eilat, Lebanon Beirut.

Winter Sun is guaranteed in the United Arab Emirates that consists of Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaiwain, Ras al-Khaimah Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Dubai.

The Emirates are located on the Southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula and the Capital and largest, richest City is Abu Dhabi which is located in the Emirate of the same name.

Eighty Per Cent of the UAE is Desert with the remainder being rocky mountains and fertile plains.

The many Tourists visit the myriad of Duty Free, Modern, Shopping Malls.

Dubai's amazing construction programme continues with some of the most expensive projects on the planet for you to enjoy.

The Emirates is one of the World's most popular tourist destinations.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have some of the world's most upmarket resort hotels.

South Africa

Consists of Resorts in Sedgefield Western Cape, Knysna Western Cape, Plettenberg Bay, Stellenbosch Western Cape, George, Western Cape.

Nearly every person speaks English.

South Africa is the most modern African country and offers many of the attractions that still draw people to visit for holidays.

The vibrant Culture is complimented by the African bush that surrounds it.

South Africa has a unique blend of modern development, untamed wildlife, outdoor attractions and African culture.

Kruger National Park has an area of Eight Thousand Square Miles and has 153 Types of Mammals, 523 Types of Birds, 124 different Reptiles, 356 species of trees, 44 kinds of Amphibians, and 49 types of Fish.

Kruger National Park is North East South Africa and is the most famous Game Reserve in Africa and you will have the opportunity to visit the Bushveld with its Lions, Elephants, and all the other animals, birds, and reptiles for which Africa is so famous.

The weak South African Rand will also give you more spending power when converted from the Dollar, Pound, and Euro.

Beaches, Lagoons, Culture, Rich Historical past, Cape Town, Wineries, Fantastic Climate, lets go.

There are 186 resorts in South Africa affiliated to R.C.I.

, employing over 10,000 people.

South Africa has the 5th largest timeshare industry worldwide.

18% of South Africa's timeshare resorts are classed as Gold Crown, an amazing feat compared to the average of 5% worldwide.

Approx 260,000 South Africans own a timeshare.

Timeshare in South Africa is so popular as many of the weeks are exchanged, a timeshare purchased in rand (the local currency) can be exchanged for a visit to Europe and America at a fraction of the cost than if a currency exchange had to be undertaken.

For those visiting South Africa they can enjoy Gold Crown resorts in one of the cheapest countries in the world.

South America

Consists of Resorts in Argentina :Buenos Aries, Cordoba and San Luis, Entre Rios, Iguazo Falls, Jujoy, Mar del Plata and Pinamar, Patagonia and Cuyo, Patagonia Coast, Bolivia, Brazil: Ceara and Bahia, Goias, Parana, Rio de Janeiro,Santa Catarina, Sao Paulo, Pucon, Tongoy, Vina Del Mar, Columbia: Cali, Cartagena and Santa Marta, Central Columbia, Cordoba and Sucre, Medellin, Ecuador, Peru,: Machu Pichu, Uruguay Punto del Este, Venezuela: Andes, Venezuela Central Coast, Chichiriviche.

South Pacific

Consists of Resorts in Fiji Islands, French Polynesia Tahiti, New Caledonia.

Pristine, unoccupied, secluded beaches, a unique destination that is known for its hospitality, 5 Star Resorts and unspoiled coastline.

Located 70% of the way between New Zealand Hawaii.

Fiji consists of 332 islands, 110 of which are not habited.

The biggest main island is Viti Levu, the Capital is Suva .where you can buy Fijian wooden carvings from local traders.

Fiji has numerous Volcanic Mountains, Beaches and stunning Reefs, Tropical Rainforests, Coconut Plantations that provide a breath-taking picturesque backdrop to your holiday.

Namotu and Cloudbreak in Mamanuca.

These are among the most challenging Surf Rides in the South Pacific.

Fiji holidays are set in paradise setting that is perfect for Weddings, Honeymoons and Vow Renewals.

There are 1590 timeshare resorts in the United States of America and Canada

North America hosts 31% of timeshare resorts worldwide

The top three timeshare resort locations in North America are

Florida with 366

California with 125

South Carolina with 119

Nearly 3 million households own about 4.9 million weeks of timeshare located in U.S.


USA California

Consists of Resorts in Anaheim, Big Bear Lake, California Central Coast, Clear lake, Kirkwood, Monterey Area, Napa Valley, Northern National Forests, Palm Springs and Palm Desert, San Diego Area, San Francisco, Southern Coast.

Pacific Beaches – Famous beaches from Santa Barbara to San Diego namely there are Pacific Beach, Malibu, Santa Monica, and Long Beach.

Hearst Castle – William Randolph Hearst built his mountain top retreat above San Simeon on the rugged California coast.

Sonoma Valley – One of the best of California's wine regions.

Some of the oldest Wineries can be found in the picturesque Sonoma Valley, North San Francisco.

Sequoia National Park – The largest of the Sequoia Redwoods can be found in Sequoia National Park in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Coastal redwoods are the tallest trees in the World and Sequoia Redwoods are the largest trees in the World.

California also boasts the oldest trees in the World which are Bristle Cone Pine Trees.

Disneyland – The happiest place on earth?

Yosemite Valley – Granite cliffs and stunning scenery ensure that this is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

San Diego Wild Animal Park – San Diego Zoo is one of the best Zoos in the USA but the wild animal park North of San Diego is the preferred option.

Alcatraz – The notorious Island Prison off the North coast of San Francisco offers great perspective of the San Francisco Skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Fishermans Wharf Area and restaurants are highly recommended.

Monterey Bay Aquarium – Monterey and Carmel now boast the old Cannery turned Fish tank that has become the most popular tourist attraction on the South Monterey Bay Peninsula.

Paramount Studio Tour – Universal Studios gets more visitors because it is a Theme Park, but Movie lovers should also take a Studio Tour of a working Studio.

Highway 1 – Big Sur – The most famous road trip in California is highway 1 between Carmel and Morro Bay.

The road hugs the cliffs above the rugged coast for most of the journey just occasionally exiting the coast to dive in to the Redwood Forests near Big Sur.

Drive this from South to North to stay further from the edge if you are afraid of heights.

USA Central South

Consists of Resorts in Alabama: Central, Coast, Arkansas Hot Springs, Arkansas Ozarks, Louisiana, New Orleans, Mississippi Biloxi, Mississippi Tunica, Tennessee Gatlinburg.

New Orleans is a city rich in history with traditions and customs woven into the fabric of everyday life and Traveler's Choice Destination Awards ranked New Orleans as the top destination in the world for night life.

Mississippi area has 20 Golf courses, some of which were designed by the likes of Arnold Palmer, Davis Love III and Jack Nicklaus.

The Gulf of Mexico is truly one of the world's premier Fishing destinations.

Hire a charter and take to the Blue Water for some serious offshore fishing.

Bonito, Red Snapper, Shark and Marlin Redfish, await!

The Top Ten Tennessee Attractions are : Nashville/Grand Ole Opry/Music Row/Country, Music Hall of Fame, Memphis/Sun Studio/Beale Street, Graceland, The Hermitage, Tennessee Aquarium, Jack Daniel Distillery, Pigeon Forge/Dollywood, Lookout Mountain/Ruby Falls, Chattanooga Choo Choo, Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

USA Florida

The Sunshine State, Florida Top Attractions are: Amelia Island, Castillo de San Marcos, Universal Orlando Resort, Fort Lauderdale Beach, Kennedy Space Center, Walt Disney World, Key West, Everglades, and South Beach, Florida Keys.

USA Hawaiian Islands

Consists of Resorts in Hawaii: Big Island, Kauai, Maui, Molokai, Oahu.

Oahu Attractions are: Pearl Harbour, The Polynesian Cultural Center.

Maui Attractions are: The Road to Hana, also known as Hana Highway, Haleakala National Park.

Big Island Attractions are: The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Kauai Attractions Are: Na Pali Coast State Park, Waimea Canyon.

Lanai Attractions are: The Garden of the Gods, Puu Pehe, popularly known as Sweetheart Rock.

Molokai Attractions are: Kalaupapa National Historical Park.

USA Las Vegas

Consists of Resorts in Henderson Nevada, Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Attractions are: Fremont Street Experience, MGM Grand Lion Habitat, Eiffel Tower restaurant at Paris, Bellagio Fountains, Mirage Volcano, Treasure Island Pirate Show, and The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Wynn Conservatory, and Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

USA Mid Atlantic

Consists of Resorts in Maryland: Ocean City, Western, New Jersey: Atlantic City, Vernon Valley, New York: Catskills, Fire Island, Lake George, Lake Placid, New York City, Pennsylvania: Hershey, Poconos.

USA Midwest

Consists of Resorts in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri: Branson, Lake Ozark, Ohio, Wisconsin: Door County, Northern, Dells.

USA New England

Consists of Resorts in Connecticut Westbrook, Maine: Coast, Central, Western, Massachusetts: Berkshires, Boston, Cape Cod, Marthas Vineyard, Nantucket, New Hampshire: Lakes and Winnipesaukee, Winnisquam, Rhode Island Newport and Block Island.

USA Northwest, Alaska

Consists of Resorts in Oregon: Central Oregon, Coastal Oregon, Klamath Falls, Portland Area, Washington: Glacier, Lake Chelan, Leavenworth, Ocean Park, Puget Sound, Seattle.

USA Rocky Mountains

Consists of Resorts in Colorado: Aspen, Breckenridge, Durango and Pagosa Springs, Estes Park, Steamboat Springs, Telluride, Vail, Avon and Beaver Creek, Winer Park and Silver Creek, Idaho, Montana: Big Sky, Fairmont, Glacier National Park, Lakeside, Utah: Northern, Park City, Snowbird, Salt Lake City, Southern Utah, Wyoming.

USA Southeast

Consists of Resorts in North Carolina: Asheville, Atlantic Beach, Banner Elk and Boone, Cape Hatteras, Central Carolina, Long Bay, New Bern, Sapphire Valley, South Carolina: Central, Charleston, Hilton Head, Murrells Inlet Area, Myrtle Beach Area, Virginia: Northern Virginia, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, West Virginia.

USA Southwest

Consists of Resorts in Arizona: Lake Havasu, Phoenix Area, Rim County, Sedona, Tucson Area, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas: Bandera, Texas Central, Corpus Christi, Galveston, Texas Northeast, San Antonio, South Padre Island.

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